We love projects!

We want it to be easy and fun to work with Gemla.
Most of all we want contribute to creating a personal atmosphere to your project.


Our light and strong products is suitable for most environments - altough our heart and focus is within Hospitality.
Since late 1800's our chairs has been used in restaurants, hotels and theatres.

One of our strengths is that everything is handmade to order.
Therefor we are able to offer unique combinations and sometimes even customized versions of our chairs.
Or a completely new product.


For us sustainability is just as important as our craft.
Durable constructions and sustainable natural materials.

Experience has shown our products to be very suitable for public interiors with heavy ware.
The unique characteristics of steambent wood gives durable products made to last,
and also easy to restore after 50 years of usage.

Our timber comes from certified forestry and our upholstery is always natural.
Only vegetable tanned leather and VOC-free oil or water based lacquer.

Borrow a chair, CAD or material samples?

Do you need help borrowing a chair for your presentation or maybe you would like our box of material samples
- Give us a call!
Most of our models can be lended out the following day.


Catalogues and CAD-files are found under Downloads


Don't hesitate to contact us if you would need any additional information
or have ideas of how we can improve our service to architects and interior designers.


Benny Hermansson
+46 73 350 30 25


Anton Mannervik
+46 70 439 09 90


Ulvsundavägen 176B, 2tr
SE-168 67 BROMMA