BOW Sofa 17

BOW SOFA 17 is a playful sofa where the art of bending wood is challenged to it's fullest. With it's unique design the sofa is carried by only three bows.

The solid bent ash makes BOW SOFA 17 as strong as it is light. Treated with matte black harwax oil.

The thin, almost floating seat gives a high comfort thanks to the high quality natural upholstery. Dressed in vegetable tanned leather.

BOW SOFA 17 Sofa is based on Bow Sofa from 2013.



Additional product information

Design Lisa Hilland, 2017
Height 85 cm
Width 127 cm
Depth 66 cm
Seat height 48 cm
Material Solid bent ash. Upholstered with horse hair and certified wool. Vegetable tanned leather.
Color Matte black hardwax oil with black leather

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