BERN Folding Chair

BERN is one of the early classics by Gemla Fabriker. The folding chair was launched with great success at the World Exhibition in Stockholm 1930. BERN was designed by Swedish architect Uno Åhrén after a patented folding construction of C.A.Buffington.

The folding chair BERN is thanks to it's ingenious design as stable and comfortable as a regular chair. In folded position the chair is very compact, only 3 cm thin. This makes BERN to be a good alternative to the traditional stackable chair.
The strong laminated beech and steel makes BERN very suitable for environments of hard ware.

BERN is offered in different color combinations and with or without upholstered seat.

BERN can be complemented with wooden wall hooks for 2 or 4 chairs, and a steel trolley carrying 12 chairs.


Additional product information

Design Uno Åhrén 1930
Height 82 cm
Length 92 cm folded
Width 44 cm
Depth 50 cm / 3 cm folded
Seat height 44 cm
Material Laminated beech and steel
Color Lacquer or stain

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