Sami Kallio



Sami Kallio studio designs furniture and interiors translating classical shapes into contemporary expressions with an industrial aesthetic, which resonate with a modern-minded audience. The studio is owned and managed by Sami Kallio, a Finnish designer based in Sweden, Gothenburg.

Sami Kallios background as a master carpenter and an MFA interior & furniture designer, combines the traditional woodworking craftsmanship with industrial design.

Creating an interesting meeting between craftsmanship and industrial production, which forms the base for the Nordic appearance that has become the Studio’s design hallmark.

”I base my design on a mixture of traditional craftsmanship and functionality, where the function is displayed as a design detail, that gives the product the it factor which brings something new to the design.” - Sami Kallio

The studio’s philosophy is based on developing products with a low manufacturing cost without compromising the quality of the construction or the design language.

Already at the beginning of the project, we work hands-on in the studio workshop with full-scale prototypes.

”Working with my hands, creating full scale tactile prototypes of the design is important for me. I need to feel and get to know the material. In the workshop I define and develop a detail or idea into perfection by using my hands.”

- Sami Kallio