HUMBLE is a light yet generous sofa based upon the bent wood tradition and skills at Gemla.

In HUMBLE contemporary design is combined with classic fabrication techniques and materials, where the frame of solid steambent ash plays a leading role.
A cozily inviting and comfortable sofa with a clear and visable contruction, where the gently curved frame embraces the generously upholstered cushions.

The seat is very comfortable built up in a classic technique with elastic webbing and all natural materials. The back cushions have great soft and fluffy feeling, filled with natural wool.
Additional side cushions are offered on request.

Simply an elegant and comfortable sofa that is suited for any lounge area. In a hotel, office or at home.

HUMBLE is offered in different colors and textile/leather options and also available as armchair.







Additional product information

Design Pierre Sindre, 2023
Height 64 (armrests) / 79 cm
Width 185 cm
Depth 79 cm / Seat depth approx 52 cm
Seat height 39 cm
Material Frame of solid ash. Upholstered seat with wooden core, hand braided elestic webbing and natural filling. Soft back cushions. Dressed in leather or textile. Additional side cushions.

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