At Gemla craftsmanship, attention to details and natural, durable, solid materials have been a given the last 150 years.


We simply love working with products and material that age beautifully.
Wood from certified forestry and only natural upholstery. Vegatably tanned leather instead of chrome tanned
is for us the first choice.

We believe in products that are long lasting and can be passed on, from generation to generation.
Therefor we proudly stamp production date under the seat of every chair after final inspection.

An important part of Gemla’s business is giving service and restoration to chairs once sold by us.
We regularly get chairs, produced 50 or more years ago, back for care and repair. Bringing them into a second life cycle.

This is our way of caring for our planet and the environment.


Are you curious to learn more about our Sustainabilty work?

Please contact us for more information or read about our Original Restoration.

Tel: +46 70 439 09 90