STAM Table 100x280

STAM is designed by Sami Kallio 2022.

With STAM, Sami Kallio has explored the traditional technology of sand-cast iron.
Like a proud tree with a solid root, STAM extends up to the sky on robust pillars of solid ash.
The solid table top of solid 30 mm ash, despite its generous thickness, gives a floating elegance with the carefully balanced edge profile.

The robust construction of the table makes STAM suitable both for the private home, as well as the restaurant or meeting room.

STAM is a family of several different sizes and formats, from the small side table to the large meeting table.
All are based on the same ingenious construction of a solid foot and pillar that does not steal space when sitting by it.

STAM is offered in several different colors of hard wax oil.
As dining table STAM is available in several
different designs on a table top.






Additional product information

Design Sami Kallio 2022
Height 73 cm
Length 280 cm
Width 100 cm
Material Sand cast iron and solid ash.
Color Dark grey base with ash in hardvax oil.
Weight 140 kg

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