Our craftmanship

Gemlas craftmanship

Our craftsmanship

We are picky when it comes to our choice of wood. We only work with certified beech and ash, and only the finest specimens pass our critical eyes. After cutting and working the wood, we can start taming it. First the wood is steamed for between six and twelve hours, to make it soft and flexible. We then shape the wood by hand and then insert it into special metal frames, a craft that requires both experience, patience and strong hands. The wood is left to dry for days before we again work it by hand to make it rounded and soft. This shaping technique enables light, strong and extremely durable chairs.
Each chair that leaves Gemla has been in the hands of dedicated craftsmen and women for hours, days and sometimes even weeks. They scrutinize every step of the production before there is a final check and each chair is labeled with a date and Gemla.Some chairs are dressed in naturally tanned leather or textile. These chairs are padded using natural materials like hairlok, a mixture of animal hair and natural latex, as well as wool felt, but never polyether which we have excluded entirely.
Environmentally friendly materials age beautifully and well. That way our furniture can be used and appreciated again and again, one generation after the other. That is our way of paying respect to our planet and to our environment.