Photo: Knut Koivisto


"The starting point for Front’s work is neither the shape nor function but rather the willingness to tell a story, where the final result hints at a tale of the factories, machines and the people. Of time and place."

Gemla is the last remaining company in Sweden to master the art of creating furniture out of solid bent wood. That’s why it is both fun and exciting for us to be a part of its future. At the factory in Diö over 150 years of craftsmanship has been well preserved, by keeping the thousands of moulds and forms that have been used over the years. We saw an opportunity to communicate this story by re-using some of the old moulds.
By putting together these shapes and forms in a new way, and adding new materials it should be evident that it is a Gemla chair, with all of its characteristics, but made for today."




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