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Sustainability & Craftsmanship at Gemla

Sustainability has unfortunately become an empty word. But with a meaning more important than ever.

At Gemla we mean that Sustainability starts with Durability. That the product actually is able to last for a long time.
This is why we’re uninterested in trends and mean a Gemla product shall withstand the wear of the eye and be just as desirable today as in 50 years.
Therefor we create furniture together with the most talented designers who share our vision, always built to last twice the time. Always able to restore and repair.
There, the characteristics of steam-bent wood is superior to all other techniques.

That we only use natural and sustainable materials, such as Natural upholstery, FSC-certified wood and Vegetable tanned leather or Natural textiles, we take for granted.

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Gemla News

At Gemla the collection is in constant creation to meet the needs of the most exciting restaurants and meeting places alla around the world.
This year we are happy to introduce several entirely new categories to the collection, designed by a couple of the most talented Swedish designers.

Share our news in the presentations below.


Lave presentation film


LAVE is a Bench and Sofa with a timeless design useful in most interiors and contexts.
Originally LAVE was designed for Gemla Studio & Wine bar in Stockholm.
The need was a
flexible bench that could accommodate many people sitting, but with a light and chair-like impression.
A clever design by Pierre Sindre which we are very happy to include in Gemla's collection.

LAVE is made in solid ash where the craftsmanship and the simplicity of the natural materials are the only decoration.
For both sofa and bench, a hand-sewn cushion in vegetable tanned leather, upholstered with natural hairlok and wool, is offered.

Read more about LAVE and designer Pierre Sindre






Hilma spinn presentation



HILMA has for 2021 got a long awaited sister - HILMA SPINN

This chair is developed with our new ways of working in mind, both in the office or at home.
HILMA SPINN is made in hand welded steel with a gently sculptured back rest in solid ash, steam bent in one single piece.

The clever construction with rubber suspended seat offers a soft movement and high comfort.
The seat is generously upholstered with natural hairlok and wool, dressed in vegetable tanned leather.

Read more about HILMA SPINN and designer David Ericsson





Vilde_detalj_gemla Vilde presentation Vilde_detalj_a



In time for the VILDA 10-years anniversary the familiy expands with an elegant brother -  VILDE armchair

VILDE is made with the same softly curved shapes, where all parts are steam bent by hand in solid ash or beech.
The armchair is slightly wider and more generous seat padding, ensuring a comfortable seating.
VILDE has an embracing backrest of hand-sewn straps of vegetable tanned leather.

VILDE is offered in the same color versions as VILDA chair.

Read more about VILDE and designer Jonas Bohlin








From the archive we have lifted and updated the table SUNFEATHER.
A light and useful table in solid beech, available in many different color versions.
Originally the table was designed as a compliement to the popular armchair with the same name,
but of course works just as well as an elegant solitaire.

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KÄLLA - A hidden gem

Kalla-Gemla-1 Kalla-Gemla-2

Källa is one of Gemla's most exquisite chairs.
Made of steam-bent beech with exclusive upholstery of natural horsehair and wool, upholstered in vegetable tanned leather from Swedish ecological farms.
Källa was designed already in 2016 by Jonas Bohlin and has been a bit of a hidden gem in the collection.
Perhaps that is precisely the reason why Källa has been used for many exclusive restaurant projects around the world.

True to his aesthetics, the designer has let the pure shapes and elegant leather work be the chair's only decoration.
Källa is built with an elastic saddle girth that together with the softly embracing back offers the highest seat comfort.
Despite its generous comfort, Källa is a very light chair, where the carefully selected materials guarantee a long life with beautiful aging.
Just as useful in the 3-star restaurant as at home or boardroom.

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VILDA - The perfect chair for meetings


When HOLMEN made their head office in Stockholm the choice of chair was VILDA 3 in ash and natural tan leather.
A modern and elegant combination where the natural materials only will grow more beautiful with time.

A light and most comfortable chair, where the strong steambent wood ensures a long life.

Simply a wise investment!

Read more about VILDA and designer Jonas Bohlin








HUMBLE Lounge chair & KILEN Side table

The luxurious lounge chair HUMBLE designed by Pierre Sindre, upholstered completely of natural materials.
Read more about HUMBLE and Pierre Sindre

Side table KILEN is an extension of the appreciated RINGEN table, signed by talented Mia Cullin.
A light and elegant table where the joinery is the decor.
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At Helge River in Diö, in the heart of the old forests of Småland, lies
Sweden's oldest furniture factory. Its inner sanctum, beech and ash are
tamed into timeless furniture by skilled craftsmen who know which
way the wood likes to bend.