At Gemla we have been working hard to understand how the hotel and restaurant business works.
Learning the demands and needs of function and durability.

The experience we've gained from the Hospitality industry has proven to attract many other clients.
Our unique and flexible tables have in particular gained a lot of appreciation from offices and meeting places.

Contact us the learn more about the opportunities to customize to your unique project.


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VILDA - The perfect chair for meetings


When HOLMEN made their head office in Stockholm the choice of chair was VILDA 3 in ash and natural tan leather.
A modern and elegant combination where the natural materials only will grow more beautiful with time.

A light and most comfortable chair, where the strong steambent wood ensures a long life.

Simply a wise investment!

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2020 Gemla News


HUMBLE Lounge chair & KILEN Side table

The luxurious lounge chair HUMBLE designed by Pierre Sindre, upholstered completely of natural materials.
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Side table KILEN is an extension of the appreciated RINGEN table, signed by talented Mia Cullin.
A light and elegant table where the joinery is the decor.
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When HILMA was presented 2019 it made an instant success - a future classic!
A gently carved back of solid steambent beech on softly curved steel.
Shapes borrowed from the classic Vienna café chair.
A light stackable chair which also hangs onto table tops.

This year HILMA is launched with a solid wooden seat, inspired by the early 1920's Gemla models.
A carufully shaped seat curve for highest comfort.
Just as comfortable as beautiful.

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At Helge River in Diö, in the heart of the old forests of Småland, lies
Sweden's oldest furniture factory. Its inner sanctum, beech and ash are
tamed into timeless furniture by skilled craftsmen who know which
way the wood likes to bend.