VILDA is designed by Jonas Bohlin 2012 and has become one of Gemla's most appreciated models.
Both for restaurants and homes.
VILDA is offered in 4 versions and many different colors.

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T13_detail_Gemlaab T13_leather_Gemlaab T13_brown_back_Gemlaab


T13 Lounge Chair

Design Mats Theselius 2013


Gemla launches Lounge Chair T13 in brown and black.
A modern classic where traditional bentwood handcraft meets high quality saddlery








New Price list 2018
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At Helge River in Diö, in the heart of the old forests of Småland, lies
Sweden's oldest furniture factory. Its inner sanctum, beech and ash are
tamed into timeless furniture by skilled craftsmen who know which
way the wood likes to bend.


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