Javier Masa



Javier Masa is an Industrial Designer and runs the Malmö-based studio NMASA Design.

With an emphasis on Furniture and everyday objects, Javier Masa explores new solutions around traditional craftsmanship and the sustainability challenges faced by the industry.


His work is characterized by a thorough research of the user's needs, which he interprets into a sensual, almost poetic form expression.

With a consistently open-minded approach, Javier Masa is analyzing and questioning archetypes, traditions and other unwritten laws. He constantly seeks innovative solutions and expressions in both function and aesthetics, always with the ambition to create emotions and value for the user.


During his career, Javier Masa has been active in many corners of the world, from vibrant cities such as Barcelona and Milan, as well as Scandinavia and USA.

These global experiences have given him great insights into how design and complex problems can be approached from different perspectives.


For Gemla, Javier Masa has created VIDE in 2024, a family of hangers in steam-bent beech.