Pierre Sindre



Pierre Sindre is a Swedish designer with an extensive experience based in Stockholm.
Pierre is born in Jönköping and educated at "Konstfack" -university of arts, crafts and design. One of his real strengths is his background as interior architect, with a well founded understanding of space, function and beauty.

He has mainly worked with public spaces such as restaurants, museums and courts. This solid experience makes Pierre a great product designer understanding the need of the customer. He simply add his understanding of contexts when developing new products. His experience and insight of commercial conditions simply also ensures attractive products. Pierre knows the craftmanship by heart and is very knowledgeable in material and construction. Working with Pierre is therefore a pleasure and the final product comes alive pretty fast.

"I love chairs, I collect chairs. I get new ideas from old models, says Pierre.
I have had a wish to collaborate with Gemla ever since I visited the workshop when I studied at 'Konstfack'. Finally we are there, says Pierre."


Pierre Sindre has designed armchair HUMBLE for Gemla 2020.


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