We love projects!

Our ambition is to make it easy and fun to work with Gemla. Above all, we want to be able to help put a personal touch to your project.

At Gemla STUDIO, you are welcome to book an appointment to try out the right furniture for your particular project.
In the Studio, most of the furniture is available for testing together with color samples of wood and leather.
You are of course more than welcome to bring your client to the Studio.

Do not hesitate to bring your office to the Studio for a presentation of Gemla and this year’s news!

Benny Hermansson,, +46 73-350 30 25
Anton Mannervik,, +46-70 439 09 90

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About Gemla's furniture for projects

Our strength lies in the fact that everything is done by hand according to customer orders.
Therefore, for larger projects, we can produce unique combinations and in some cases also modified versions.

Gemla's light and strong products fit into most contexts - even if our hearts and focus are primarily in Hospitality.
Since the late 19th century, our chairs have decorated restaurants, hotels and theaters.
Experience has shown that our products are particularly well suited for busy environments with hard wear.

The unique properties of bentwood provide durable constructions, which at the same time are easy to renovate and renew after 50 years of use.
That is why we are careful when choosing materials - always sustainable both in terms of strength as well as the environment.
FSC-certified wood and Swedish vegetable tanned leather or natural textiles are always our first choice.
On the inside, we have for years only used natural upholstery as horsehair and wool. Durable and beautifully aging.

Does your project have a limited budget? - Do not hesitate to contact us and we will hopefully find a solution.
For example, we offer both
Restoration of the customer's own chairs or chairs from our Vintage range.


Borrow a chair, CAD or Material Samples?

If you need help borrowing a chair for your presentation or perhaps our box with material samples - get in touch!
Most of our models are in Stockholm for lending the next day.
Catalogs and CAD files can be found on our
Download page

Do not hesitate to contact us if you lack any information or have ideas on how we can improve our support for architects and interior designers.
Or if you just want to come by the Studio for a cup of coffee and try out some chairs.


About Gemla WINEBAR


In the autumn of 2020, we chose to open a wine bar in collaboration with Sweden's leading sommelier in natural craft wines.
Perhaps unexpected, but for us the most natural thing to do.

The aim was to create a living and welcoming context where our furniture does its best, at the restaurant.
Studio and showroom during the day and wine bar open to the public in the evenings.

At Gemla VINBAR, hundreds of unique wines from small-scale wine farmers around Europe are served in a constantly varying range. Some wines only available with one single bottle.
What unites all the wines is the love of how they are made - always in a natural craft process, completely without additives.
The well-cooked small dishes are built with only a few components with clear flavors, always organic and locally produced.

If you are curious to find out more, you can read more at or Instagram @gemlavinbar
Or better - Welcome in and try!