Restoration of 60 years old ROTUNDA chair

Original restoration by Gemla Fabriker

At Gemla we believe in durable products.
Furniture that lasts for generations, and are possible to renew time after time.
For us quality and caring for what you have is equal to sustainability.

Renew you chairs with minimal environmental impact!
Let Gemla give your chair a second life cycle through our Original restoration.
- Who is better suited for the job than he who built it?



How does Original restoration work?

1. Quotation
Tell us your needs and we will qive you a quotation for restoration, all costs included.

2. Pick-up
First we collect your furniture. We take care of the logistics.
Do you need to borrow chairs in the meantime? Let us know. Usually we can borrow you chairs.

3. Restoration
Wash, sanding and stabilization of the chair. New glue and screws if needed. If any part is broken we will replace it.
New upholstery, fabric and finally lacquer before we return the chair to you.
The appearance of the chair is your choice.

Give your chair a new look. Perhaps your worn out velvet is replaced to naturally tanned leather, and the chair painted in a new color.

Like New
Let us give the chair the same look as when it was new. Same appearance but with new upholstery and a fresh coat of lacquer.

Keep the patinated look with traces from the past. A gentle refreshing touch without hiding the history of the chair.
Let us know your thoughts and we will help you with inspiration.

4. Return
After a few weeks the chair is ready to be return to you, all arranged by us. Our fabrication stamp is now added up with another date stamp - a proof of the Original restoration by Gemla.



What is the cost for Original restoration?

With our restoration service we turn to business operations.
A normal amount is 20-100 chairs for each restoration.
For private requests we recommend a contact with the local furniture conservator.

The price vary depending on model, number of pieces and requested appearance.
Normally the price starts from SEK 1.400.- for a chair with upholstered seat.

Would you like to know more about our Original restoration?

Contact us with your request!

Tel: +46 70 439 09 90