Lisa Hilland



“High touch” meets “High Tech”. Traditional bent wood production meets 3D-rendering and printing of three-dimensional models in full scale. At the intersection new shapes and new forms are born, signed Lisa Hilland.

"I want to find a balance between muscle strength and mechanical strength; between traditional craftsmanship and
modern manufacturing so that people can afford to buy and afford to use my furniture. At the same time it must be both
economically and ethically justifiable to produce. I have always liked Gemla’s furniture and thought long about what I could do together with them. They have a cultural heritage in both architecture, design and craftsmanship. They are also a role model when it comes to long-term durability. Furniture that ages well, and can be handed down from generation to generation.
My challenge has been to design a chair that is a bit more contemporary by pushing the limit of bent wood and its stamina, both in appearance and manufacturing method. To get the most out of the form and functionality as possible, with as little material as possible."




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